Cover The Uninsured Week – Coalition Building

Coordinating a diverse coalition of over 100 local and statewide organizations and organizing over a dozen high-profile events in one week may be a challenge for some coalition organizers. However, for us, it seemed like a walk in Capitol Park.

For several years we hosted a national campaign funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California Endowment aimed at sensitizing the public and opinion leaders to the growing number of uninsured in our country.

“These events were designed to focus attention on a very serious challenge facing our healthcare and civic leaders here in Sacramento” said Dr. Amerish Bera, Chief Medical Director for the County of Sacramento. “[Cory’s effort] has successfully highlighted the plight of the uninsured here in our community and are responsible for engaging a discussion about solutions. I am proud to have played a role in this year’s Cover The Uninsured Week.”

Sacramento’s events brought together Sacramento area physicians, nurses, small business owners, labor leaders, insurance executives, hospital administrators, health care advocates, elected officials and uninsured families to focus on the most serious health care problem facing our region.

Amber Ready

Amber Ready – Statewide Media Tour/Securing Participation From Local Elected Officials And Law Enforcement/Crowd Building/Logistics

We directed a statewide California media tour, covering four major media markets (San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento) in just seven days. The media tour introduced the AMBER Ready program to opinion leaders, the general public, law enforcement and elected officials throughout California. The AMBER Ready program enables parents to create, store and lock their children’s Alert Profiles in parent’s wireless phones. Should a child become missing, police can transmit the Alert Profile in minutes, instead of hours.

The firm generated the media coverage for the AMBER Ready program which consisted of nearly fifty media hits in the Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles markets. Hits included: live television coverage, nightly news coverage, newspaper articles, radio interviews, morning show appearances and internet copy.

In addition to the frequent media coverage received by the AMBER Ready program, we also took charge of securing local elected officials and law enforcement representatives at each stop. His firm organized building crowds of general public to attend the events and arranged tour venues and logistics for each of the four cities. In each location parents and caregivers were invited to learn about new child safety initiatives, tools and see how the AMBER Ready program worked.

California Association of Realtors – Governmental Affairs

We love challenges. That’s why his firm was eager to assist the California Association of Realtors (CAR) galvanize public support and legislative action on a proposed measure requiring creditors to fix inaccurate information on a consumer’s credit report.

While the most obvious route would have been to initially bombard legislators with mass advertising, the firm felt that the most effective means of persuasion was to combine outreach elements with a laser beam focus on grassroots and coalition building activities to influence key targeted legislators.

The firm assisted CAR with messaging and material development that appropriately illustrated the benefits and need for legislation. The messaging process provided CAR with a communications roadmap consistent with their overall strategy.

We also worked with CAR to develop a simple media kit for reporter briefings, editorial boards meetings, and legislative briefings. Placement of news articles, opinion-editorials, and radio talk show commentary were the focus to buttress wavering legislators, encourage supporters, and persuade or neutralize opponents.