About PPS

Whether it’s for a press event, issue advocacy campaign, or an executive briefing with an elected official, Public Policy Solutions Inc. contributes creativity to the partnership shared with the client.

Traditional tactics are pursued, but we do not confine our strategic communications and media outreach activities within traditional boundaries. Meet Our Team Below.


Cory’s expertise in grassroots/grasstops development, event planning, coalition building, issue advocacy and campaign management in California provides political, non-profit and association clients with the opportunity to tell their unique stories, advance their policy issues and fight for their ideas in the political, legislative and public opinion arenas.

Prior to founding Public Policy Solutions, Cory was a founding partner of a bi-partisan communications firm specializing in corporate and association public relations, governmental affairs, issue advocacy, grassroots/grasstops development, campaign management and paid & earned media campaigns. Marquee clients included the California Broadcasters Association, the National Resources Defense Council, Verizon, the Coalition for Financial Security, and Cover the Uninsured Week.

Before establishing his firm, Cory Black was an independent political and media consultant specializing in community education programs, corporate communications, issue advocacy and campaign management, including; Gore 2000, the AFL-CIO, Sacramento Central Labor Council, California Teachers Association, AT&T, First Monday, as well as statewide and local campaigns throughout California. He has worked for every major Democratic Presidential Campaign since 1992 including Bill Clinton for President, Clinton Gore 92, Gore 2000, Gore Lieberman, Howard Dean for President, John Edwards for President, Kerry Edwards 2004, Hillary Clinton for President, Barack Obama for President and Obama Biden 2008.

Cory is a member of the California Democratic party Executive Board, member of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Central Committee Executive Committee, Chair of the 33rd Assembly district Democratic Committee, member of the American Association of Political Consultants, the American Political Scientist Association and the Sacramento Press Club.


Andrew is a California native, having started his work in the Central Valley. His initial introduction into working with campaigns and government outreach included working on State Assembly campaigns, unions, and lobbying with student groups to support High Speed Rail. From there he found himself further helping in local sheriff’s campaigns and congressional campaigns. His continued effort in this field is spurred on by his passion to help create change that betters communities throughout our state.

Andrew graduated from The University of California, Merced, with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Psychology. Now he serves as an Account Executive with Public Policy solutions, working in close conjunction with Cory to serve the clients of Public Policy Solutions, Inc.

Kim Lancashire

Kim Lancashire began her career in the early 90’s as an Estate Manager for private residences and properties on the East Coast.  For the past 20 years she worked along side her husband of 26 years providing management and consultation services to high net worth individuals overseeing their various commercial and residential properties. Kim’s consulting services ranged from event planning and onsite logistics, fundraising, VIP services and project management with marquee clients in the Entertainment, Automobile, and Pharmecuetical industries. 

In 2010, Kim and her husband transferred to St. Helena, California to oversee the construction and operations of a premiere estate winery.  During this time, Kim branched out to work with several non-profit organizations, furthering their message and fundraising efforts.  In 2011, she met Cory Black while working for a mutual client, the Napa Valley Film Festival, and thus began to consult in Government affairs and Advance services on behalf of PPS.  When requested, she provides Advance for several major Government officials working closely with the US Secret Service and event hosts, to coordinate logistics for their movements.  Kim began to consult full time in Government Relations with PPS, focusing on local and state policy issues, compliance, and regulation.  Kim is excited to be an integral part of PPS’ growth on the Central Coast and throughout the State of California.

Rachel Oakley

Rachel joined PPS after moving from California’s Central Valley. She completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Studies, from a Cal-State University, and also obtained a Minor in Communications. She was particularly interested in learning more about public relations, news writing, the media, and mass communications in a professional environment. She specializes in root cause analysis and process improvement and brings a different perspective to a well-seasoned group here at Public Policy Solutions, Inc.

Rachel had the opportunity to be employed by her father at an agricultural research station, since the early age of 14. Working in the sciences, data management and analysis, this experience proved to be very influencial in her professional career. In taking risks to use new ideas for change management purposes, she utilizes an innovative approach to “thinking outside the box”, sometimes making the impossible, possible. She’s glad to be on the cutting edge with all the services that PPS has to offer.